Cheerleading can be a very expensive sport with costs rising every year. We have worked hard to keep our tuition prices from increasing, and we take the time to find the best possible prices for every purchase we make. To help make tuition as affordable as possible, we work hard to find fundraising opportunities for our families. This includes individual and club fundraisers. Below are some of our upcoming opportunities.

Last season, some of our cheerleaders completed a lot of fundraisers, and they were able to pay significantly less than full tuition. Here are two examples of what tuition could look like for your family.

Fundraising Examples


We are currently looking for more opportunities! Sign-ups will come out a few days before the event with event location and specific times.


Each year, our cheerleaders and their families find local businesses to sponsor them for the season. This is the easiest fundraiser and often gets large portions of tuition covered for families. Check back soon for more details.