PFCA (Pennsbury Falcons Cheerleading Association) is a recreational cheerleading organization

open to athletes in all school districts who are interested in both sideline and competition cheerleading.

It shall be the purpose of this organization to promote personal and team growth, as well as athletic

success and pride within multiple communities that our athletes reside and to provide

camaraderie among the cheerleaders without regard to the school they attend,

but rather as a member of our PFCA family.

It is our goal to develop good sportsmanship among club members

(cheerleaders, coaches, advisors, family members), to support athletic programs,

and to develop positive relationships in the community during athletic events,

competitions, and any other activities representative of the association.

We provide organized cheerleading instruction and activity for the athletes that are part of the organization

and to implant the ideals of good sportsmanship so that they may grow to be trustworthy citizens and be more

prepared to participate in the future cheerleading activities provided by their local communities.

The objectives will be achieved by providing supervised cheerleading instruction by knowledgeable and trained

coaches, in both the in-house and competition programs, with the primary focus on safety.

To view a copy of our bylaws please click here